Tasty Healthy Pies

Who doesn't love a scrumptious pie? The flaky crust, the mouthwatering fillings, and the delightful aroma make pies an irresistible treat. However, for those watching their waistlines or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, traditional pies can be high in calories and processed fillings. Fear not, for in today's Chunk Chat, we will explore the wonderful realm of low(er)-calorie or slightly healthier pies that allow you to savour the goodness without compromising on your health goals. Here are some simple swaps to make pie night a treat without the guilt!
 Chunki Roast veg pasty vegan
Wholewheat Pastry
Incorporate whole wheat flour instead of refined white flour in your pastry recipe to keep you fuller for longer. Wholewheat adds more fibre and nutrients, making your pie more nourishing and satisfying! Our veggie and vegan pies have sumptuous wholemeal pastry with a lovely depth of flavour (like the classic roast veg pasty in the pic).
Veg-Packed Pies
In place of fatty meat swimming in creamy sauces, stick to pies stuffed with yummy veggies and spices. Our veggie tagine pie is certainly not lacking in flavour but at 563 calories per pie (vs 757 in an ultimate steak pie), its kinder to the waistline!
 side salad
Side swap!
Eat your pie with green veggies or a side salad to keep the calories to a palatable level! And avoid more carbs (if you can/wish!). Oven bake veggies instead of grabbing premade chips and exchange regular spuds for sweet potato/ root veg mash. By steaming green veg to compliment your pie, you’ll have a winning meal without the added stodge!
Look for Less Processing
Less processed foods pass through the body slower while the nutrients are absorbed meaning it takes more energy to digest them (aka burns more calories)! Our pies are made using simple methods and natural ingredients, with all the fills and pastry made as you would at home – just on a slightly larger scale!
Don’t Add Additives!
While traditional pie fillings often contain excessive amounts of sugar and trans fats, there are numerous healthier alternatives that are equally delicious. Steer clear of processed meats like ham and bacon, and opt for chicken, steak or veg instead! Trans fats are found in margarine and fried foods, and they play havoc with your cholesterol. You’ll find no extra sugar or nasty trans fats in our pies, thank you very much!
By making sensible pie choices and preparing healthier sides you can have your pie and eat it!
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