The Great Homity Switch Up

The Homity Pie
For those who don’t know (you need to know!), we’ll run you through exactly what a Homity Pie is. It’s a question we often get asked for those who are well versed in the meat pie but haven’t come across the wonderous cheese-fest that is the Homity. This underrated pie, thought to have originated in the glorious county of Devon, encompasses chopped potatoes, onion, garlic, a sprinkling of herbs and oodles of cheddar cheese. Delightfully simple, this pie is like a hug –comfort food at its best! If you're not sure what to have with it, try a few chips and a simple salad or slaw. 
 The Cheesy Trinity
Let us proudly introduce you to the marvel that is the Cheesy Trinity. We’ve taken an absolute pie classic and added a twist – three variations so there’s one for everyone!
First, start with a Homity pie base. Our homity pie is a favourite among customers and team members at Chunk. It was suggested one day in the office that we try some simple additions to this scrummy eat and these three wonderful creations were born!
Marmite Homity
Say hello to the mighty Marmite Homity. Often divisive (you either love it or hate it, we've heard!) but we think it's a genius concept. Many Marmite lovers know of the powerful flavour combination when coupled with cheese. The deep umami of yeast extract really compliments the cheesy, spuds and onion in the pie – the result… pure delight in pie form! 
It's bold, it's daring, and it's bound to convert even the staunchest Marmite sceptics!

we just love 😋 marmite...and have added extra marmite drizzle to the pie in this pic!

Sweet Chilli Homity
This baby just works - a tantalising fusion of sweet and spicy flavours that'll set your taste buds tingling! For Sweet Chilli lovers, you’ll know that it goes with almost EVERYTHING. This one blew us away at tastings, becoming a favourite for many of the team and one we kept going back for more of. It’s a Homity Pie as we all know and love it but with a perfect little kick!
Bacon Homity
Last but certainly not least, we present to you the Bacon Homity Pie. Cheese and bacon. Need we say anything more!? Another match made in heaven - in fact the two are better together (much like gin & tonic or salt & pepper)! You absolutely can’t go wrong with hunks of smoky bacon in a potato & cheese pie and we highly recommend you sample this salty delight!
Sometimes the simplest bakes are the best! We can’t wait to hear what you think of our Homity variations! Which one will come out on top?
go on – take a Chunk!