What is a Homity Pie?

The most simple recipe, but makes a fabulous vegetarian pie.

“What is a Homity Pie..?”

We get asked this so many times. The Homity has been on our menu for nearly 16 years, we know it so well, we’re always surprised when we’re asked this question.

The Homity Pie :- An open topped by made with potato, Cheddar cheese, onion and a little garlic and a few herbs. We put our fill in a super tasty wholemeal shortcrust pastry. Top off with more strong Cheddar cheese to get a yummy, crispy, cheesy top when baked..mmmm

Homity Pie - handmade by Chunk of Devon

This is a really old recipe, and we’re not too sure where it’s heritage comes from, but if you do the obvious and ‘Google’ it - you will see that it could possibly be a pie that was created during the second World War by the land girls. 

Spuds and onions were plentiful and although cheese and butter were rationed the heartiness of this very satisfying recipe was a winner. 

But we happen to favour the story that it is a good old Devon recipe, with a generous helping of West Country cheese, some recipes also include cream….sounds like a Devon dream to us!

No matter which story you prefer - this pie has been made by many. Our recipe was inspired by Cranks, who make incredibly tasty vegetarian recipes - this being one of our favourites.

We were approached in January this year by ITV to provide them with some samples for pairing this pie with some ales and cider by Alan Titchmarsh and his guests on ITV’s Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh.

Check out the show on the link above ! - A TV appearance for our Homity Pie was a great start to the year! 

This rather humble Homity pie can be served both hot and cold….which makes it a pie you can enjoy all year round. Serve it cold with a crisp green salad on a warm summer day or hot with beans...baked or green - whatever takes your fancy!

Every year we enter a few of our pies into the various Pie Awards. As an open topped pie the homity isn’t considered a real pie by the British Pie Awards 😞

However in 2018 we entered it into the Great Taste Awards and it went down a storm! 🙌🏻

The judges at the 2018 Great Taste Awards gave it a 2 Star Gold - which in the Great Taste world means it qualifies as “above & beyond delicious!

Here are some of the judges comments:-

“A Rustic no nonsense pie - just like your Grandma would make"

"....like a cheese toastie pie. The pastry is crisp & short, this pie has big attitude"

"We all loved the richness of the cheese & satisfying nature of the pie"

Our customers will agree with this - a great pie that tastes great!