The Ploughman's Pasty

The Ploughman’s. Originally a British farm worker's packed lunch to be eaten on a midday break in the fields 100 years ago. A really dead simple and satisfying meal of cloth-bound cheddar, strong pickles and tough bread.  Strangely enough the ploughman's lunch was promoted in the 1960’s as a marketing ploy, by what was then (no longer around) the Milk Marketing Board. The idea was to promote this as a quick, easy pub meal as part of a campaign to get Britons to eat more cheese.

(🤔 Strange to think we didn’t eat much cheese in the 60’s)

But move on a few decades and with the rise of casual eating, shared platters and craft beer - the ideal companion - the ploughman's is back on the menus of many pubs. Take a chunk (😉) of cheese, often a great Cheddar or Stilton, a crusty slice of bread with butter (never margarine!) and pickle...Branston is the traditional, but with so many great local chutneys around now - the skies the limit here! Plus some pickled onions and apple, a slice of good ham, maybe a pate and a little salad to complete the serving.

But nothing fancy - stick it all on a breadboard and served in a simple, rustic fashion. Really sociable pub food, pretty much what you’d serve for a picnic...but you're at the pub ...and because you are ….what about one of those craft beers or cider to wash it down. 🍺

But this still stands as a much-loved British meal, and one which people feel passionately about. As Tommy Cooper once put it: "I had a ploughman's lunch the other day ... he was livid” 🤣🤣

With a real nod to the Ploughman’s you’d expect from any great pub, the Chunk recipe is just as simple and satisfying!. Tastes as good cold as hot picnic perfect.

We've taken a great local, mature Cheddar cheese from the guys at Quickes (just half an hour away from Chunk), pickled onions, tomato, Branston pickle and some British ham - tumbled it with some potato and wrapped it up in our shortcrust pastry and (of course) crimped them by hand.

We created The Ploughman's Pasty a couple of years ago as a summer special and had such a great response - we thought that with the picnic season upon us and the promise of a staycation summer ahead, it was the perfect opportunity to bring this tasty pasty back onto our menu! 

Plus - we've had such a positive response to our Vegan range, we really wanted to create a Vegan alternative, packed with gobsmacking flavour too!

Now Both available - for the summer the Traditional and the Vegan Ploughman's Pasty.