Top Tips for the Perfect Picnic

The balance between rain clouds and blue skies seems to have tipped to the right direction for now which means picnic season is officially upon us (might just need to pack a jumper and umbrella and have a quick bailout plan in your arsenal)! ☔

How do you create a great picnic experience? Don’t just bung your bog-standard egg mayo sandwiches in a bag! Here are a few pointers you must follow to make your next picnic a treasured memory.


Location, location, location 🌳

Not just pivotal when house hunting, choosing your picnic spot wisely is of the utmost importance. Peaceful, picturesque, and far away from wasp nests (especially if you’ve bought anything with jam) are the requirements. Somewhere with even-ish ground for comfort is also good unless you’re lucky enough to know somewhere with a decent bench or two!


picnic tips


Good Company

We suggest you take someone you like! A picnic is a great opportunity to have a natter with a friend or while away a sunny afternoon (hopefully) with a loved one. If there’s a risk of your picnic pal being boresome then chuck a gripping book in your bag so you can enjoy the great outdoors anyway!



You simply cannot transport your food to a picnic without a twee basket. Plastic bags will certainly not do! Shove in a blanket to sit on, your favourite beverage and some wooden cutlery and you’re away! It goes without saying, you'll need to bring the nosh too.


Eggy delights

Filling and high in protein, Spanish tortilla, an omlette packed with potatoes and onion, is a winner when dining al fresco. It is a doddle to make or you could cheat and grab one from the supermarket! Another lovely addition to the picnic spread is a quiche. Keep it classic with a quiche Lorraine or opt for lots of veggies and herbs.


Don’t forget your veg

Cherry or plum tomatoes, baby cucumbers and carrot batons are great options. If you whip up a dip then that’s even better!


Anything mini

Think small bite-sized morsels. Cocktail sausages, mini tarts, small scotch eggs. You get the picture!


Dessert 🍰

One must bring a dessert to a posh picnic. Sweet treats that travel well are pots of yogurts, chewy cookies or muffins and strawberries. We recommend you take all of the above!


Pastry-covered goodies

Now this one is a given! No picnic spread is complete without some pork pies with crisp pastry. Other bakes that work well cold are sausage rolls and squash, goat's cheese and spinach rolls (a great veggie option)!

Now after a king-sized feast you might just need a snooze in the sun 🌞


go on – take a Chunk!