This Turkey and Ham pie is a real cracker!

This week our pie of the week is our seasonal special - the Turkey, Ham, Brie & Cranberry Pie.

This delicious pie is all about Christmas wrapped in a pie. Forget all those stories about how dry turkey meat is ….not is this little beauty! It's a really indulgent pie, a pie that gives a real food hug! 😋

The turkey, which is supplied to us by two great local butchers MC Kelly and Complete Meats is tender and mixed with smoked bacon, lovely leeks, brie and a few sweet cranberries in a rich creamy sauce. Wrapped in our fabulous buttery shortcrust pastry.

How heavy..? our pies weigh approximately 236g - the perfect individual serving.

We reckon to serve this with crispy roasted potatoes, nutty & crisp sprouts, honey glazed carrots, cauliflower cheese, pork chipolatas wrapped with bacon, a stuffing or two, cranberry sauce and super generous pouring of gravy...and anything else you fancy. Don’t hold back, we’re all in need of a really big food hug this Christmas...enjoy! No FHB (family hold back!) this year. 😜

Did you know….
  1. The first crackers were made by London sweetmaker Tom Smith around 1845
  2. Turkeys were first bought into Britain in 1526, before this, for Christmas meals people used to eat geese, boars’ head and even peacocks.
  3. Turkeys were eaten instead of cows and chickens because the farmers needed their cows more for milk, and needed chickens for the eggs, which back then were more expensive than they are today.
  4. King Henry VIII was the first person to eat a turkey on Christmas Day, but it wasn’t until the 1950’s that the turkey was a more popular Christmas meal choice than the goose.
  5. 87% of British people believe that Christmas would not be the same without a traditional roast turkey. Today in the UK, we eat around 10 million turkeys every year for Christmas time. When thinking about the perfect Christmas dinner the first step to success is choosing the right bird (or pie 😉)
  6. Choose a size of turkey which is enough for you and your guests. Many people order a bird which is too large and takes longer to cook. Ideally, leftovers should be just that. A bird size of 5kg (11lbs) feeds about 6-8 people.

Or just buy a box of 8 of our Turkey, Ham, Brie and Cranberry Pies and take the stress out of cooking!

Last day to place your orders before Christmas is Tuesday 22nd at 2pm!