Vegan Christmas Dinner to plan? Bring out the Pie!

It’s important to us here at Chunk to be always looking at the next taste trend, keep up with people's preferences, obvious really! - plus it’s exciting to test other recipes, find out what works...and what doesn’t. 
A Chunk Vegan Christmas Dinner is not going to scrimp on taste, we don’t just want to pay lip service to Vegan pies and pasties, we do it the Chunk way! Making sure it is packed with flavour as naturally as possible. Not always so easy with a vegan recipe...but we reckon we’ve got it nailed!
Our seasonal Vegan pie this year is a fabulous recipe of sherry glazed parsnips (nips) and chestnuts (nuts) in a slightly spicy tagine flavour pie. The Nips and Nuts Pie.
This one was a tricky recipe to develop and went through several interesting stages of development. Initially we roasted the parsnips in honey. But then we considered making it vegan friendly...and that meant out with the honey. A shame but had to do it.
Bit of a head scratch to see what could replace honey…keeping it good and about a nice drop of sherry!
We sourced a Vegan brand which really worked a treat! The Nips and Nuts Pie was created.
All very well us singing our own praises - but we thought we should let others say their bit.
In early November we sent out 50 Festive Taster boxes, which included our new Nips and Nuts pies, to our lovely loyal Chunk fans to ask for their honest feedback.
Here’s just a few of their comments:-  
  1. “We are meat eaters, but we loved the Nips & Nuts, so filling. The pastry is light & crisp…” - Barbara S

  2. “The veg nut pie was also fabulous. Lots of flavouring and different textures” - Salli D

  3. “….And the vegan pies a pleasant surprise to a confirmed meat eater!” - Rory S

A Few Vegan Facts:
Honey is an animal product and thus is avoided by vegans. Bees produce honey for themselves, not for humans. They are often harmed in the honey gathering process. There are plenty of ways to protect insect populations, support crop pollination, conserve the environment and sweeten our food without farming bees or buying honey, propolis, beeswax or royal jelly. To replace honey in your diet try golden or maple syrup, date syrup, agave nectar or even dried fruits.