Vegan Roast Vegetable Pasty

Easter is the start of the pasty season here for Chunk. Last week we kicked off our Pasty of the Week (#POTW) with our Steak Pasty - our best selling pasty by far. 😋

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This week - we want to talk about our Roast Vegetable Pasty - the Chunki Roast Veg. Our second best seller after our Steak Pasty.

Let's take you back….way back to 2009, when it seemed the only option for a vegetarian was a cheese and onion pasty, never an inspiring option, the majority made with fake cheese powders that left a claggy taste in your mouth, but that was how it was.

(...check out our awesome Cheddar & Onion Pasties...with REAL cheese, or our Cheatin' Cheeze Vegan Pasty - it's hard to tell the difference)

How difficult could it be to make a really naturally tasty veggie pasty?….Chunk were on it - 

We created a recipe that, still today remains a firm favourite, our Chunki Roast Veg Pasty.

A fabulous mix of roasted (says it in the name!) butternut squash, sweet potato, potato and red onion. Tumbled with some herbs and wrapped in a great whole wheat pastry, it is just packed with flavour. 

Then three years ago we made the change across all our pies and pasties from egg glaze to a pea glaze, which meant our Veggie pasty became Vegan. At the time it was “ p.s., its Vegan” as SO many people were put off by the Vegan title, but over time we’ve learnt to really celebrate this!

Winner of some serious awards over the years...including Gold at 2020 Taste of the West, and runner up in the Vegan category - alongside our Vegan pie - the Spicy Jack. This pasty is truly a best seller and rightly so.

Summer is on the way (?) with snow flurries and that arctic air it still seems a long way off! We had little glimpse of it at the weekend, shorts on, grass cut, even some ventured into the sea here in Devon! 

Picnic at the beach with a pasty. Chunk of Devon

Bring on the sunshine - now we can picnic….what better than a pasty!