Which sauce to have with my pie?

The great condiment debate
Condiments and sauces. They give some people the creeps but others, well, relish them!! Most of our pies feature a gravy or sauce of their own and we like to think our pasties are lovely and moist without any extra juice but we know that many like to jazz up their plate with a colourful blob or glug of something from a jar or bottle (or boat)! These flavour-enhancing accompaniments come in various forms, from tangy and spicy to sweet and savoury, offering a world of possibilities for taste exploration. While personal preference has a lot to do with it, here are our recommendations for pie-fect pairings when it comes to condiments.
A staple in most households, ketchup reigns supreme as the go-to condiment for burgers, hot dogs, and fries. Its tangy, sweet, and slightly acidic taste adds a burst of flavour to any dish. This tomato-y bottle of deliciousness is the perfect accompaniment to a Steak Pasty and chips! Also great with a cheesy Homity Pie. If you were lucky enough to bag one of our limited-edition Cheeseburger Pies, you would have tried our homemade ketchup from the Chunk HQ kitchen within the filling.
Mac and cheese pie
Brown sauce
Brown and peppery, in some regions across the country, Pork Pies are always accompanied by brown sauce! If you’re partial to the stuff then we think it also goes well with the steak pasty stuffed with beef skirt, potato and swede.
BBQ sauce
This tangy tomato-based sauce has a strong flavour that would compliment anything cheesy (calls for the homity pie or cheese & onion pasty). Our limited-edition Hunter’s Chicken pie features a lovely homemade BBQ sauce within the fill (not one to miss when it we make it again in the Autumn)!
Creamy and rich, mayonnaise adds a luxurious touch to sandwiches, salads, and dips. Its smooth texture and mild taste act as a canvas for other flavours to shine. This clever concoction of egg, oil and lemon is a wonderful addition to the plate, especially if said plate has a pasty and potato wedges on it.
Chutney (or relish)
Delicious with a pork pie! Opt for an onion or vegetable-based chutney. Mango chutney would elevate our curried veg Ruby Murray Pasty! A blob of the stuff with our Kickin’ Chicken Pie is also a winning combination.
curry pasty
From the classic yellow mustard to the robust Dijon and spicy brown varieties, mustard offers a range of flavours. It pairs perfectly with sandwiches, pretzels, and sausages, providing a zesty kick. Another sauce that some reach for to make a pork pie sing. Try with a squealer! 
Although not technically a condiment, we had to give a mention to gravy. As Devonshire folk, we don’t usually reach for gravy to pour over everything (don’t get me wrong, gravy has its place on the table but usually for roasts and such). But ask a Northerner, and you’d be shunned if you didn’t add lashings to your pie and mash!
Be it mushroom gravy, onion gravy or meat gravy, pour it over a Chicken, Mushroom & Tarragon Pie or Steak & Ale pie stacked on mash! We’ve also heard that pouring lashings of gravy over our vegan Mushroom Stroganott pie produces a dinner of dreams.
Parsley, flour and stock is combined to make a sauce that Londoners and those in the East like their pies and mash to swim in! Although traditionally a minced beef pie, anything with steak will work well with this herby gravy.
Oh and let’s not forget a bit of tartare sauce for the limited-edition Posh Fish Pie! Nothing else would work so well with this fishy delight.
We are curious to know... What are your go-to sauce and pie partners?
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