Why Brits love a pasty!

There’s nothing quite like a comforting pasty. They have a long history in British cuisine and have become a beloved food in the United Kingdom. Here are a few reasons why we go crazy for these little (or very large if you go for a Giant) parcels of meat and veg!
 giant pasty
    1. Comfort food – nothing warms the cockles on a cold blustery day like meat and veg bundled up in crisp buttery pastry! Pasties are often associated with comfort food and are enjoyed for their satisfying and hearty nature. The combination of a flaky pastry crust and flavourful filling provides a comforting and substantial eating experience. Pasties can be enjoyed hot or cold, making them suitable for any occasion and season!

    1. Serious historical significance. Pasties have been part of British culinary tradition for centuries. They were commonly eaten by Westcountry tin miners back in the day as a convenient and portable meal that could be easily carried and eaten without utensils – and they still are!

    1. They remind you of your recent holiday! Unless you’re lucky enough to live in Devon or Cornwall and eat them all the time like us 😊 If not, just close your eyes while you devour your pasty and you’ll be transported back to the seaside 🌊

    1. They’re a great alternative to a boring old sandwich. Run-of-the-mill tuna mayo sarnie vs a pastry-covered meaty treat. We know which we’d choose!

    1. It’s a complete meal making it satisfying and good for you – meat, veggies and carbs all in a delicious mouthful. Boom 👊

    1. Practicality and Portability - Pasties are known for their practicality and convenience. Consisting of a pastry crust folded over a scrumptious filling. The crimped edge helps to seal in the filling, making it easy to eat on the go without any mess. The self-contained nature of pasties makes them a popular choice for picnics, lunches, and takeaway meals.

    1. Variety of fillings! There are oodles of pasty options to choose from. While traditional Cornish or Devon pasties are filled with beef (beef skirt in proper pasties), potatoes, onions, and swede, there are so many variations with different meats, cheeses, or vegetables. Choose from your favourite fills and never tire of pasties! Some of our most popular pasties (aside from the classic Devon Steak Pasty) are Chicken and Chorizo and Roast Veg.

    1. They’re filling – instead of a sad leafy salad or bog-standard toast lunch, satisfy that rumbling tum for hours with a pasty (especially if you go for a giant!!)

  1. Lastly, they’ve become part of our cultural identity. Pasties have become deeply ingrained in the cultural identity of the Southwest. Much like a Yorkshire pud to Yorkshire, they are considered a symbol of Cornish (and Devon’s) heritage and this cultural significance has contributed to the enduring popularity of pasties in the UK!
 chunki roast veg pasty
Pasties have won the hearts of Brits due to their historical significance, practicality, variety of fillings, comfort food appeal, and their connection to regional identity! Whatever your chosen fill, pasties continue to be a beloved and satisfying food in British cuisine.
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