Why you should serve Pies at Parties

‘Tis the season 🎄🥳🎁🎉❄️🍾🔔🎅🏻 Here’s our advice on how to ho ho host the party of all parties this Christmas, and a guide on creating a festive platter to delight your guests.
1. Be a boss! Don't be afraid to delegate tasks to willing friends or family members - whether it's setting the table, serving drinks, or managing the tunes 🎶
2. The key to hosting a fabulous party is to have a jolly old time yourself! 🥳🎄💃 Engage with your guests. Don't get overly involved in cooking or other tasks; enjoy the gathering and spending time with your pals. Chances are your guests coming to see you, not just to stuff their faces and critique the food (if they are, we feel they should be uninvited)!
3. The easy Christmas party grub manual, if there is such a thing, definitely features Sausage rolls and Pork pies - absolute Festive Classics that will satisfy rumbling tums so make sure you stock up on essentials like these for the festive period.
4. Deck the halls! Make sure your home is as festive as can be to set the scene for merriment.
silver party platter serving of pork pies and champagne
5. Keep the drinks a-flowing 🥂🍷🍺🍾 Ensure you have a range of soft drinks as well as alcoholic beverages to keep everyone joyful!
6. Make sure you’re catering for those with allergies or dietary restrictions. Our gluten-free bakes are sure to please any coeliac guests, while good options for vegans and veggies are the  Veggie tagine pie and squash & spinach veggie rolls.
Our guide to creating a festive platter
If you haven’t tried creating a platter before, it’s simpler than you think! Here are some tips for putting together a beautiful and tasty spread fit for your festivities.
Cheese, nuts, crackers, sliced bread, meats and fruit are the ingredients that form the basis of a fabulous platter. You just need to arrange them pleasingly and chuck in some pastry-covered treats for good measure!
festive platter
Always have the theme in mind – before you begin arranging, have a think about how you want the finished article to look. Is there a festive colour scheme you can use? Fruits like figs, grapes and cranberries are super additions this time of year. Bonus points for Christmassy foliage or lights to adorn your spread!
Begin arranging the larger items and then fill in the gaps with nuts and fruit!
Small bowls and ramekins of dips and sauces work well on a board – think chutneys and hummus!
Party platter
Sausage rolls, veggie rolls and pork pies – these nuggets are the bakes that are a must-have at Christmas (or any time of year, for that matter!) Throw them onto a sharing board and nestle them between an array of colourful fruit, cheese or crackers.
Remember, the key to a great festive platter is creativity, variety, and thoughtful presentation. Have fun experimenting with different combinations to suit your taste and the occasion!
go on - take a Chunk!