10 things to do while you wait for your pie to cook

As easy as pie (quite literally!)
Our pies come chilled and baked so cooking your pie to pie-fection takes just 20-25 minutes. They freeze beautifully for 6 months but make sure you grab one out to defrost before you have a hankering for one. When dinner is this quick and easy you’ve got more time to do other things! Here are 10 things you could do while you wait, just in case you’re lacking inspiration 😁
1. Prep and cook up a veggie side dish.🥕Try some seasonal sides - we’d suggest some buttered baton carrots, purple sprouting broccoli or minted peas, and in the winter months, steamed leeks, green beans or roasted parsnips work a treat! 
2. Make a mean mash (best mash recipe) to accompany your delicious pie 🥔
3. Power nap 💤 Although the best time to have a power nap is between 1-3pm for only 20 minutes, you could squeeze in a catnap while your pie cooks if you’re feeling a bit sleepy.
4. Take a quick walk. Getting some fresh air and stretching your legs is not only a fantastic way to get some exercise, it also helps you to focus and clear your mind. Simply sitting in your favourite spot in the garden if you’ve been cooped up inside is also a great way to improve emotional well-being and boost immune function.
5. Whip the vacuum or mop round (if you’re one of those productive/clean people!) 🧹20-25 minutes is the perfect amount of time get in some quick housework. Yes, we know… housework is boring, but if you get it out of the way then you can chill after dinner! 
6. Have a brief conversation with the dog about politics or just throw them the ball. If you’re more of a cat person then find the feline for a quick ear tickle! Spending time with pets is very good for your mental health! 🐶
7. Read a chapter of your book – unless you are ultrafast then maybe you can squeeze in two! 📔 If you haven’t got a book then we can recommend some pasty/pie-related books like Proper Pasties: How To Make An Award, or Winning Cornish Pasty, or the Men’s Pie Manual.
8. Call your bestie or a family member for a quick catch up 📱 You know how it is, busy week and then you realise you haven’t spoken to someone for ages – so now’s the time! Ask them how they are, or boast about your pie.
9. Listen to your fav podcast or bung the telly on and check out the latest episode of your fave Netflix show. 📺
10. Work up an appetite with a quick workout 🏋️or do some stretches and find your zen while you wait for your pie to warm up 🧘‍♀️
pies from oven
Now, it's time to enjoy your pies!

Go on - take Chunk!