Christmas Pie Selection

Let's talk about Christmas! 
Bored with being stuck in the kitchen.? dreaming of NOT having to cook this Christmas? Make space in your freezer, for a Pie - fect Christmas.
We have a cracking selection this year - Perfect for a pre Christmas Pie Night, or a warming winter lunch where you can offer the family a selection. All are ideal to freeze, which makes life very easy to plan ahead, especially for the unexpected guests. 
We know people have their favourites.
Venison & Port Pie - The hearty and rich is the one the guys for. We're using locally sourced venison, bacon chunks, some mushrooms. Then we've added a good splosh of port and a few crushed juniper berries and to really give it a depth of flavour a sprinkling of Sur Del Lago 100% pure Cacao...Thank you to Willies Cacao. 

Turkey, Ham, Brie and Cranberry Pie - Ladies - love this really indulgent pie 😋 With tender turkey, smoked bacon, leeks, brie and a few cranberries in a rich creamy sauce. Wrapped in our fabulous buttery shortcrust pastry. 
(If you happen to have seen Andi Peters’ Food Fest on QVC - this one is his absolute favourite)

Veggie Tagine Pie - (formerly Nips & Nuts) We haven’t left out the Veggie or Vegan friends and family, with this gob smackingly tasty pie. Parsnips glazed in vegan sherry, with butternut squash, a few chestnuts and cranberries. Sprinkle in some wintery spices and wrapped in our fab wholemeal shortcrust pastry. 
Put back the nut roast - this will really tickle the taste buds!

What have we got…?
Venison & Port Pie
Turkey, Ham, Brie & Cranberry Pie
Veggie Tagine Pie - (Vegan)
Turkey, Ham and Cranberry Pasty
Pork & Cranberry Sausage Roll

How to Order…?
The pies and pasties are available in a box of 8 and 12
The sausage rolls in a box of 12 - we also have a selection box of sausage rolls

Mixed Boxes of 3 of each flavour:

3 x Venison & Port Pie
3 x Turkey, Ham, Brie & Cranberry Pie
3 x Veggie Tagine Pie - Vegan
3 x Turkey, Ham and Cranberry Pasty

Or...try our 
Sausage Roll Variety Box
Who doesn't love a sausage roll at Christmas....or any time of the year! 
This is the ideal selection for all ages!
4 x Original Chunki Sausage Rolls,
4 x our delectable Pork and Chorizo Sausage Rolls

4 x Christmas Sausage Rolls - the Pork and Cranberry. YUM!


go on - take a chunk!