Here are a few questions that we get asked regularly by pie fans.
What’s the life on my bakes?
Chunk pasties and pies keep well in the fridge for up to 7 days. If you can’t manage to scoff all your bakes then we suggest you pop a few in the freezer… which leads us nicely to the next question!
Can I freeze my pies and pasties?
Yes – all our pies and pasties freeze beautifully! You can keep them for up to six months in the freezer. When you fancy one we suggest letting them defrost overnight in the fridge, then cook as per the instructions on the packaging or website before devouring.
How long does delivery take?
After receiving an order, we aim to bake your pies and pasties then send them out via courier 2-3 days after the order is placed. If you place an order on Thursday, we do need a little longer as we don't bake at the weekend.
Our delivery partner is DPD so you’ll receive updates from them when your bakes are on their way and due to be delivered.
How long will my pies keep in transit?
Our packaging has been tested to keep products cool for up to 48 hours, and these tests were taken during the height of the summer when air temperatures were very high. If you have a question about your delivery then please contact us
How much do your pies weigh?
We aim for 253g - this can very slightly as the Chunk hunks do hand-fill our pies in the kitchen!
How can I heat your pasties?
Oven heating is the best method for a flaky and delicious pastry, but we have some cheats for when you're low on time and still want a scrummy pasty for lunch or dinner. Read our guide here for instructions on how to heat your pasty.
Just how enormous are the Giant pasties?
Our pasties are all hand-filled and hand-crimped by the marvellous kitchen hunks so it can vary a little but we aim for our giant pasties to be 440g (while our regular steak pasties are around 253g)
giant pasty
What’s a Devon pasty?
Much like the Cornish pasty, just from across the border! We use a traditional pasty recipe with fantastic beef skirt, swede and potato steamed in delicious pastry. Fun fact… our steak pasty won Britain’s Best Cornish Pasty two years in a row back in 2018 (we weren’t allowed to compete after that!)


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