Meet Our Newest Hunk, Rosie

All About Rosie

This is Rosie, our new Digital Marketing Manager. Rosie is a Harry Potter nerd and outdoors lover. She also thinks about food all day long, so she’s delighted to be working at Chunk and tasting pies every week (what a hardship!). Fun fact – Rosie accidentally ran Brighton Marathon in 2016 and surprisingly really enjoyed it!

 Hunk at Chunk of Devon

Rosie’s Favourite Pie

A Devon girl, Rosie’s a fan of the steak pasty but she is also very partial to a homity pie.

What’s Rosie been up to in her first week at Chunk?

Simon and Suzi are keen to share their passion for the business with everyone involved so all new ‘hunks’ don their PPE and are bundled into the kitchen to see where the magic happens. Paula showed off her expert technique for crimping pasties and Rosie was taken through the process as raw ingredients are transformed into tasty pies before her eyes. Her crimping needs a little work so it’s just as well she’s a dab hand at marketing!

 Pasty Crimping

Yesterday, the team were at The Source Show, Westpoint. Rosie was dragged around sampling the huge variety on offer from other Devon producers such like Salcombe Dairy, Devon Rum and Bouy Cocktails (it’s not every day you get to eat ice cream and drink rum before 10am!) and was able to witness Simon in action, sharing his enthusiasm for all things Chunk.