National Vegetarian Week

Time for vegetables to shine! 15th to 21st May is National Vegetarian Week run by the Vegetarian Society to encourage people to make more sustainable and healthier choices with their food.
One obvious reason to eat more vegetarian foods is for animal welfare. Although farming in the UK has upped its game in recent years, imported meat is widely available in supermarkets and comes from other countries where the standards are still atrocious.
The focus of National Vegetarian Week this year is on reducing our carbon footprint. Plant-based food has a much lower carbon footprint than something containing meat, so when you opt for more veggie or vegan dinners you’re making carbon savings.
Search for National Vegetarian Week to find out more or take part. Whether you sign up and commit to not eating meat all week or you simply try to eat more vegetable-based meals this week, you’ll be making a difference!
Reducing Our Carbon Footprint 🌍
We’re always on the hunt to lower our carbon footprint where we can as a business. We’re pleased to say our packaging is compostable so when you get your pies in the post you can chuck the box on the compost heap. We often get asked what to do with the cooling packs that arrive in our boxes. These are simple to get rid of in a planet-friendly way - simply wash them down the sink!
We’ve recently reworked our delivery rounds to local farm shops, cafes and pubs to ensure we’re making the most of the fuel our vans use. Next thing to tackle on our mission to be kinder to the planet is to ditch the plastic film on our wrapped products. We’re also aiming to reduce the use of paper by doing more digitally where possible.
Vegetarian Meals
If you’re used to basing your meals around your meat and its accompaniments it can be a bit daunting ridding your plate of the meat altogether. Thankfully, there are loads of veggie alternatives in shops today. If you're feeling entirely uninspired stick with the meals you know but swap out to soya-based 'meats'. It's also a good opportunity to try new things. Vegetarian meals certainly don’t have to be boring!
roast veg pasty
If you’re looking for something to take center stage on your plate then a pie or pasty are great options. Here are some of our favourite veggie-packed bakes to get you started!
Chunki Roast Veg is our classic veg pasty which is ever so simple but very satisfying. The Butternut Squash and Goat’s Cheese pie definitely doesn’t lack flavour, or you could punt for an extremely cheesy Homity pie which is the ultimate veggie comfort food. If cheese isn’t your thing 🧀 (are you okay??!!) then we’d recommend a Veggie Tagine Pie, packed full of parsnips, squash, chestnuts and lots of spices, and we can't not mention the 'Best Vegan Pie' from the British Pie Awards 23, our creamy Mushroom Stroganott Pie!
After a little snack or morsel between meals? Our Squash and spinach roll is a great alternative to a sausage roll.

go on – take a Chunk!