Valentine's Day Trivia for Pasty Lovers

It’s nearly upon us again! Whether you delight in showering your loved ones with gifts or reluctantly enter into it, there’s really no escaping Valentine’s Day these days. Here are a few random facts about where it came from and why it exists!

1. Roman Pope Gelasius first decided the date of February 14 was to be "St. Valentine's Day."
2. In 1537, it was non-other than King Henry VIII who officially declared February 14th the holiday of St. Valentine's Day by royal charter in England.
3. During the Middle Ages, it became associated with love and romance based on the idea that birds started their mating season on this date 🦜
4. The first valentine was sent in the 15th century by a French Duke wrote to his wife when he was locked up in the Tower of London in 1415, in which he refers to his wife as his "Valentine."
5. The act of giving flowers then became a popular trend during the Victorian Era and on Valentine's Day red roses symbolized deep love 🌹
6. The first box of chocolates was created by Cadbury in 1868. Now, there’s something to celebrate 🍫
7. ‘X’ wasn’t always a symbol for kiss. People would sign off with an ‘x’ if they couldn’t write their names (then kiss the letter before shoving it in an envelope)!
valentine's pasty gift
Cosy Valentine’s Day Dinner In
Everything you need for a romantic night in with the other half! If you’re not heading out into the cold this year and want to do something a bit different, then we’ve got just the thing – we have made our adorable heart-shaped pasties to share with your cutie-PIE again. This year we decided to include a few pies and a pud too. Show them how much they mean to you with pastry-wrapped treats ❤️
Uniting Pasty Lovers
Our Valentine’s Day Box features the classic pasty recipe that has won countless awards and was even the best in the country (sorry, not sorry Cornish!) in a heart, crimped around the edges. The pasties are plenty for two to devour together. You'll find some Chicken, leek and ham and steak & ale pies popped in as well as a couple of chocolate brownies to finish. We’ve also got a delicious vegan Roast Veg Pasty Box with Spicy Jack and Veggie Tagine Pies to chuck in the freezer plus some coconut oaties for pud 🙌
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