Valentine's Day Trivia for Pasty Lovers

It’s nearly upon us again! That time of year when hearts fill every shop window, and the air is filled with the scent of roses and love. Whether you delight in showering your loved ones with gifts or reluctantly enter into it, there’s really no escaping Valentine’s Day these days. Here are a few random facts about where it came from and why it exists!
As February 14th approaches, conversations buzz with plans for romantic dinners, declarations of love, and the exchange of presents. Yet amidst the flurry of excitement, the origins and significance of this beloved holiday often remain shrouded in mystery. So, let's delve into the fascinating history and traditions that have shaped Valentine's Day into the celebrated occasion it is today.

Did you know? The date of February 14th was initially designated as "St. Valentine's Day" by Roman Pope Gelasius in the 5th Century. This decision was made to honour St. Valentine, a saint associated with love and devotion. Legends depict him as a compassionate priest who performed secret marriages, defying Emperor Claudius II. Eventually, Valentine's legacy began and has led to this holiday association with love and romance.
What about the fact that in 1537, it was non-other than King Henry VIII who officially declared February 14th the holiday of St. Valentine's Day by royal charter in England. This encouraged the exchange of gifts and expressions of love among the people. Henry VIII evolved Valentine's Day to the widely celebrated occasion it is today. So, it's not an American fad holiday!
During the Middle Ages, it became associated with love and romance based on the idea that birds started their mating season on this date 🦜

Back in the 15th Century the first valentine was sent by a French Duke wrote to his wife when he was locked up in the Tower of London in 1415, in which he refers to his wife as his "Valentine." Despite his dire circumstances, the Duke expressed his enduring affection for his wife, addressing her as his "Valentine" in the letter. This gesture not only affirmed their bond but also set a precedent for the exchange of romantic sentiments on Valentine's Day, inspiring countless couples throughout the centuries to express their love through written declarations.

Fun Fact! The act of giving flowers then became a popular trend during the Victorian Era, with a large ordeal around the language of flowers and the hidden messages and emotions they hold. It became known that on Valentine's Day red roses symbolised deep love 🌹, this captured the hearts of romantics worldwide! This tradition, which traces its roots back roughly 120 years, continues to be a cherished act on Valentine's Day with red roses remaining a timeless expression of love and devotion.

The first box of chocolates was created by Cadbury in 1868. Now, there’s something to celebrate 🍫 Cadbury opened their doors in 1931 and jumped on the Valentine’s Day train quick. By embracing the tradition of giving chocolates as a gesture of love and affection, Cadbury swiftly positioned itself at the forefront of Valentine's Day celebrations, offering chocolate delights which captured the spirit of romance.

The known symbol ‘X’ wasn’t always a symbol for kiss. It has ancient origins, stemming from a time when illiterate individuals would sign documents with an ‘X’ before sealing them with a kiss, symbolising sincerity and commitment.

As February 14th draws near, the anticipation of Valentine's Day lingers. From love letters of a French Dukes to the symbolism of red roses during the Victorian Era, each fact builds on the fact that Valentine's Day is a time-honoured tradition. So, as you plan your romantic evening with your loved one, why not surround yourself with heart-shaped pasties and savoury pies? Take a look below at our Valentine's options.
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