Veganuary 2022

Will you take part…?

Veganuary inspires and supports people all over the world to try vegan for January and beyond and millions of people have already taken part. 
Veganuary month (UK) was launched back in January 2014 by founders Jane Land and Matthew Glover. Both are still very involved as they continue to guide the charity along with a team of very talented and dedicated trustees.
The event has grown and expanded overseas and is now followed all over the world, sparking considerable change in the vegan-food market and encouraging more food-brands to come out with vegan alternatives to their animal-based products. 
Organisers expect the month-long vegan challenge to garner even more support in 2022 as plant-based eating gains more and more devoted followers. In 2014, the number of vegans was estimated to be approximately 150 thousand, a tricky number to gauge as a relatively new lifestyle choice for many. In 2019 this increased to 600 thousand, and in that same year, vegans accounted for 1.16 percent of the population of Great Britain.

Here at Chunk, we have been fully embracing it for several years. 

The first of our Vegan recipes originally started as Vegetarian, The Chunki Roast Veg Pasty. We sourced a vegan friendly glaze and in 2017 the Chunki Roast Veg Pasty was our first Vegan recipe. This still remains a firm favourite and alongside our Steak Pasty it is a best seller.

Don't get us wrong, we are big fans of meat and that will never change.  But we also LOVE developing our Veggie and Vegan products and believe fully that they should be stand out, great tasting, award worthy products in their own right - regardless of whether they contain meat or not.  
There really is only one way to celebrate Veganuary Month and that’s by going vegan. Although it can be daunting to jump into a new way of eating. 
Not too sure where to start?
There are a lot of options now available, and to help you, we’ve put together a dedicated Vegan selection box of four pies and four pasties - ideal for you to make a healthier start to 2022.
All approved Vegan they are top award winners too:
Chunki Roast Veg Pasty - Winner at the British Pie & Taste of the West awards
Spicy Jack Pie - Scooped six top awards since its launch. Including Winner of gold at both British Pie & Taste of the West awards.
Veggie Tagine Pie - A triple winner at 2021 British Pie, Taste of the West and Great Taste awards
Cheatin’ Cheeze Pasty - a new recipe in 2021 - but also a winner at the Taste of the West and British Pie awards.
Whether you're Vegan, Vegetarian or otherwise, we'd encourage all of you to give Veganuary a go - and surprise yourselves with just how great tasting Vegan food can be!  

Go on - take a Vegan Chunk!