Gourmet pies and pasties with local ingredients

 Where do our ingredients come from?

Since we began in 2006 - our mission has always been simple – creating phenomenal pies and pasties by using fantastic natural produce and no nasties in sight.  
We get asked a lot about our ingredients and we do our best to use only high quality, natural and local ingredients in the kitchen so we can guarantee real taste - nothing fake! Using West Country suppliers is important to us as we strive to keep our emissions low and support the businesses in our community.
We’d like to honour some of our lovely local suppliers who provide us with tip-top ingredients that help make the mouth-watering pies and pasties we all know and love!
Sandford Orchards
The sweet appley goodness you can taste in our pork and scrumpy pasty is from the best Cider producer for miles, Sandford Orchards. Fellow Devon business, Sandford Orchards was founded in 2002 and is proudly based in the oldest working cider mill in the UK. Their method of pressing and fermenting whole juice from the most delicious locally sourced fruit and ageing it to perfection is what sets them apart from other cider makers.
Sandford Orchards Cider
Otter Brewery
What’s a steak and ale pie without a great ale? Well, just a plain old steak pie, an entirely different beast (coincidentally, our ultimate steak pie is no ‘plain old steak’ pie 😆). One of our bestsellers and long-time champ in various awards, our Steak and Ale pie is so extraordinary due to the quality ale we use for marinading the beef. Our neighbours down the road at Otter Brewery produce the handcrafted malty ale that give it a real depth of flavour. Established in 1990, family business Otter Brewery brews its beer from the heart of Devon’s Blackdown Hills.
Shipton Mill
Flour. Now you can’t make exceptional pastry without exceptional flour. We get so many compliments on our pastry which is made using real butter or lard (you certainly won’t find any rubbish margarine over here - as Simon loves to say "work of the Devil!") and this wonderful flour comes from the champion mill. The quality grain ground at Gloucestershire based mill, is second to none and we wouldn’t use anything else. We love Shipton Mill!
 Shipton Mill Flour
Willie's Cacao
Now, you maybe thinking “CHOCOLATE PIE”?!, but other than the one time we made a dreamy creme egg pie for April fools, I’m afraid that’s not really our bag. However, you will find a small morsel of Sur Del Lago 100% pure Cacao from Willie’s Cacao in our Venison Pie which is the thing that transforms this pie into a super special Christmas treat. Willie's Chocolate Factory in Devon is the first of its kind creating wonderful chocolate with unique notes and flavours from bean to bar.

Go on – take a Chunk!