Along with ordering boxes of pies online above, you can also use our Create Your Selection page to build your own scrumptious box of tempting pies. Add in some sausage rolls for lunchtime snacks, and pasties for variety, and you can create an epic delivery of your favourite nosh!

    Your Pies Delivered

    We deliver by post to most of mainland England and Wales.
    The delivery service we use is next-day delivery, and pies (except gluten free) are cooked by our wonderful bakers the day before posting, so they are fantastically fresh when they reach you. This means the time from order to delivery is normally around 2-3 days, with no deliveries on weekends or bank holidays.
    Read our delivery page for more specific information.

    When Your Receive Your Pies

    Your legendary delivery has arrived! You will likely want to tear into the box and examine all your new goodies – and choose which pie shall have the honour of gracing your plate that night.
    However if this exciting unboxing has to wait a bit, pies will arrive insulated and can stay in the box all day if needs be and just need to be refrigerated by the end of the day. You can freeze your pies for up to six months (except gluten free which must be refrigerated) if you want to keep a supply for emergency pie needs!
    Pies are best heated in the oven, but we have some cheat guides for the best results at speed, and tips for heating in an air fryer too. For all of that information, plus some recommendations for delicious sides and sauces to accompany your pie, check out these links:

    Heating Your Pie in an Air Fryer | Veggie Sides | Best Pie Sauces | Cheat Heating for Speed | Best Mashed Potato Recipe

    Looking for something else...?

    If you can't find what you're after - just  get in touch and we'll do our best to help.Contact us image - pies by post